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The Institute for Interactive Media & Learning (IML) is the academic development unit of the University. It is in the division of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Teaching, Learning and Equity) and comprises these areas of support:

The Teaching and Learning Group consists of six academic staff, each with a faculty liaison role and other roles including strategic project work and teaching in graduate certificate and foundations programs. In their faculty roles, they support the associate dean (teaching and learning or equivalent) in their respective faculties, including advising on and contributing to course review, renewal and reaccreditation.

The Academic Language and Learning Group collaborates with Faculty academics to embed academic literacies across the UTS curriculum.  We work with course and subject teams to develop discipline specific approaches to teaching academic language and literacies.  These approaches can include curriculum development, co-design of subjects and tutorials that focus on language and literacy, guest lectures on academic language and literacy and some team teaching.

The Academic Programs Office (APO) is responsible for overall curriculum data management. This area supports the administrative side of course review, renewal and reaccreditation, including advising course leaders on the University's curriculum policies, curriculum management processes, maintaining curriculum systems and supporting central institutional approval committees.  

The Graduate Attributes Project (UTS:GAP)  team coordinates a project to build on existing Faculty processes for graduate attribute development, along with extending good practice across Faculties.